NOMA is the legal sounding board for the entrepreneur behind the business. Protecting, structuring, and wisely transferring your assets to the next generation: our lawyers offer decisive advice on wealth and succession planning.

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Our core expertise

Real estate, shares and investments: as an entrepreneur, you have ambitiously built your assets over the years. How do you organise your assets to achieve long-term financial peace of mind? NOMA advises and guides you in the following areas:

Wealth planning in a confidential, accessible framework

Estate planning is a valuable tool to organise your wealth and lay a strong foundation for the future. Our attorneys analyse your assets in detail, listen to your wishes, and refine your ideal wealth scenario. We then devise a legal strategy that seamlessly fits your family context and financial goals. We do this efficiently and personally, in close collaboration with your accountant, financial adviser, and notary.

Drafting family charters, gifting with retained control and income, optimally transferring a family business to your children… NOMA meticulously executes the proposed plan and makes precise adjustments as your assets and needs evolve.


Gifting, wills, partnerships, or foundations: NOMA devises a wealth strategy tailored to your professional and family context.

"Whether it's securing assets or preparing a family business for the next generation: our attorneys are the legal advisers for entrepreneurs in their wealth and succession planning."
Dirk Merckx
partner at NOMA

Looking for a legal expert in wealth planning?

NOMA combines strong in-house knowledge with a pragmatic approach to cases. Thoughtfully developed and clearly explained, precisely tailored to your needs and wishes.

Our other expertise

NOMA analyses, advises, and guides entrepreneurs in various legal niches.