Government and environment

Environmental law, spatial planning, and urban development: the legal framework for government and environment is highly complex. NOMA navigates businesses and governments through rapidly changing legislation, offers precise advice, and robustly handles disputes.

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Our core expertise

Over the past decades, NOMA has grown into a niche specialist in all legal aspects of government and environment. From permit procedures and expropriations to public procurement and enforcement. Our expertise spans various domains:

Multidisciplinary vision on government and environment

Sustainable business, building, subdividing, participating in public tenders… Environmental and administrative law are deeply intertwined with daily business operations. Our attorneys provide entrepreneurs with in-depth, knowledgeable advice, including on permit applications and inspections.

Governments also find comprehensive legal support at NOMA in administrative law matters. From assistance with environmental permits and expropriation discussions to specialised advice on environmental law enforcement or drafting specifications for public tenders.

In addition to proactive, hands-on advice, we robustly support our clients during negotiations, mediations, and legal proceedings before (administrative) courts.

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Our lawyers offer decisive legal support in environmental permits, environmental law, public procurement, and government contracts.

"Environmental law is closely linked with other legal disciplines, such as taxation and civil law. Thanks to multidisciplinary collaboration and a broad knowledge network, we handle each case comprehensively."
Gregory Vermaercke
Partner at NOMA

Government and environment with a 360° perspective

Our attorneys listen to your needs and propose a comprehensive, workable legal solution.

Our other expertises

NOMA analyses, advises, and guides entrepreneurs in various legal niches.