As an entrepreneur, you want to seize opportunities, grow, and innovate. At the same time, you encounter legal challenges on your business journey. Need insightful legal advice? NOMA advises and guides with an entrepreneurial mindset, allowing you to focus optimally on your core business.

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Our core expertise

Investing in real estate, building a strong workforce, crafting thoughtful commercial contracts and general terms, … Our lawyers provide practical support on numerous topics that you face as an entrepreneur.

Hands-on legal advice for entrepreneurs

NOMA helps entrepreneurs to thrive. From investment advice to the growth and structure of your company, to drafting and understanding service agreements. Practical, applied advice is our starting point. What clauses are essential in a distribution agreement or franchise contract? What should you consider when signing a commercial lease or employment contract? Our attorneys scrutinise your contracts, join you at the negotiation table, and provide advice and support during mediation and - if necessary - in court.

If your business faces difficulties, NOMA offers tailored guidance. Our attorneys are well-versed in judicial reorganisation and bankruptcy law. Preferably, we advise you proactively, carefully analysing your business plan and together setting course towards a healthy financial future for your company.

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NOMA is the legal right hand of entrepreneurs in their day-to-day business.

"NOMA has three experienced receivers and thus has insolvency law skillfully at its fingertips. Where are the best chances of success for your company? Together we outline a legal strategy that gives your company financial breathing space."
Toon Proost

Need an experienced lawyer as an entrepreneur?

NOMA offers realistic and pragmatic advice, precisely tailored to your business needs. Discuss your case with our solicitors in Brussels, Kortrijk, or Bruges.

Our other expertise

NOMA analyses, advises, and guides entrepreneurs in various legal niches.