No matter how hard you try to avoid them, conflicts in a business setting are often inevitable. NOMA approaches disputes with a solution-oriented mindset, negotiates and mediates where possible, and defends your interests in court if necessary.

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Our core expertise

At NOMA, we believe that balanced agreements are the best way to prevent disputes. Should a dispute arise? Our lawyers guide you in finding a negotiated solution, mediated agreement, or resolution through legal proceedings.

Tailored conflict management

Denial of an environmental permit, a disagreement with your contractor, an agency agreement not being honoured… Sooner or later, as a government or entrepreneur, you will encounter a disagreement with a client, supplier, partner, or business associate. How do you de-escalate a conflict and reach an efficient, workable solution? NOMA prioritises negotiation and mediation in its conflict management. Our attorneys listen, map out all viewpoints, and create space for constructive dialogue. This way, we guide you to an agreement that satisfies all parties and provides future certainty.

Only when an out-of-court solution is impossible do we robustly support you before (international) courts, administrative tribunals, and arbitration boards.

NOMA Brussel

NOMA assists entrepreneurs and governments with various disputes.

"A conflict doesn't necessarily have to end in a prolonged legal procedure. When possible, our attorneys always prefer a mediated agreement where each party is satisfied and relationships remain intact."
Marc D'Hoore
Partner at NOMA

Legal assistance on disputes?

The NOMA legal team is ready to help. We are happy to welcome you to our offices in Bruges, Brussels, or Kortrijk.

Our other expertise

NOMA analyses, advises, and guides entrepreneurs in various legal niches.