Clear agreements create clear expectations and prevent future disputes. NOMA specialises in contract law and guides you with precision towards solid, balanced agreements that work in the long term.

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Our core expertise

Advising, negotiating, and drafting with special attention: our lawyers are your expertise partner for numerous commercial and corporate contracts. We do this in clear language, with trust, and precisely tailored to your professional needs.

Contracts with a sharp eye for detail

Contracts are a daily practice for entrepreneurs and governments and form the basis for successful collaborations. Need a lawyer to draft an agency agreement, franchise, or concession? Seeking legal advice on drafting a service agreement or preferred partner agreement? The lawyers at NOMA provide continuous support and optimisation of your contracts.

Preventive advice and solid agreements aimed at avoiding disputes are our mainstay. If a conflict becomes inevitable, we robustly support you before all national and international courts and arbitration tribunals.


NOMA is your specialist in contract law, from clear general terms and conditions to the meticulous drafting of commercial agreements.

"The art is to find a legally sound agreement that is balanced, yet offers maximum profit potential forthe client. Our attorneys advise clients with great understanding and trust towards a tailor-madelong-term solution."
Michaƫl Boudry
Partner at NOMA

Thoughtful legal advice on contracts?

To avoid potential conflicts as much as possible, NOMA prefers to be involved from the earliest stages. Plan your appointment in Bruges, Kortrijk, or Brussels.

Our other expertise

NOMA analyses, advises, and guides entrepreneurs in various legal niches.