Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisitions and restructurings are complex operations requiring tailored legal solutions. NOMA is your experienced partner throughout the entire M&A process. From strategic advice and due diligence to clear and balanced shareholder agreements.

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Our core expertise

An acquisition, merger, or demerger involves various financial, fiscal, and legal challenges. Our M&A team collaborates with you, identifying potential risks and opportunities, and guides your restructuring dossier with thoughtful, successful solutions.

M&A: Tailored legal advice

NOMA provides legal support at every stage of your acquisition or restructuring process. We do this with commitment, trust, and preferably from the earliest possible stage, so we can fully understand your ambitions from the start. How do you want to grow? What are your future plans for your business? From the search for an acquisition opportunity, our attorneys are with you to avoid potential pitfalls. In addition to thoughtful advice and negotiation support, we assist you with all aspects of acquisition financing, business audits, share deals, and asset deals.

You can also entrust the drafting of necessary legal documents, such as shareholder agreements, to our experienced M&A team. Our attorneys are well-versed in contract law and ensure your acquisition or restructuring is formalised with watertight, sustainable contracts.

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NOMA combines years of experience and expertise in M&A with strong strategic guidance.

"An acquisition, merger, or restructuring is not done overnight. Conducting a financial audit of a company, developing a constructive negotiation strategy, optimising contracts for sale, … Our attorneys guide you from start to finish, with special attention to your unique business vision."
Michaël Boudry
Partner at NOMA

Considering an acquisition or restructuring?

NOMA is your legal partner on the journey. Discuss your plans with our M&A lawyers and book an appointment at our offices in Bruges, Kortrijk, or Brussels.

Our other expertise

NOMA analyses, advises, and guides entrepreneurs in various legal niches.